About Us

Good day, and welcome to my website. My name is Arthur Cox and I began designing and building websites around eight years ago. In reality I am really a landscape gardener by trade, therefore the move to creating websites was a bit drastic, having said that I slipped into it without difficulty and today it just is "what I do". To be frank I've found it an exciting challenge, coming up with concepts and implementing them, occasionally wishing to earn a bit of dough out of it and from time to time merely doing it for fun. This particular site is a bit of both of those.

This site is not dynamic therefore stuff is not going to shift around or take an age to load up. You won't be needing to register or sign in and I promise you will never ever get any pointless newsletters or emails. You will likely notice some promotional material on this website, it isn't pushed down your throat. And you will never ever get pop-ups you cannot close down.

Straightforward, basic sites have invariably been my aim, with content that is quick loading and which does not feature junk which you don't need or want. Hopefully I've accomplished this here or at least you will not have been dissatisfied with your visit, maybe you will even have benefited from the exercise. If so then I have succeeded in my work.

I am not actually a carpenter myself therefore I would prefer that you don't contact me with inquiries regarding carpentry or to obtain price quotes for carpentry work, this website was created to guide you through the various ways to look for a decent carpenter by yourself.

I don't endorse or recommend any individual service, I've merely indicated some techniques for picking one, the choice is in the end yours to make.

I hope to to welcome you here once again in the future and many thanks one more time for your visit.